Henderson Chambers - Mini-pupillage

Recruiter Henderson Chambers
Posted Wed 4 Nov 2015
Location London
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Practice Areas Commercial and public law
Experience Level Preference given to GDL students and those on or who have completed the BPTC
Closing Date Fri 27 Nov 2015
Pupillage during January-April 2016 Deadline: 27 November 2015 at midday (preference given to GDL students and those on or who have completed the BPTC). Competition for mini-pupillages is tough and we receive many more applications than we have space for. As such, we assess each application using criteria broadly similar to those used in determining applications for pupillage. In particular, we look for: • A strong academic record; • Evidence of non-academic or extra-curricular achievement; and • Commitment to a career at the bar and to the sorts of work that we do. Also, in our experience, mini-pupils get much more out of their time with us if they have a working understanding of the core pillars of the law. Without any legal knowledge, a mini-pupillage can be confusing and of little benefit. Because of this, we offer mini-pupillages only to those who, at a bare minimum, have completed either one year of a law degree or one term of the GDL. Because of the insight mini-pupillage provides to those in or about to be in the process of applying to us for pupillage in helping a prospective pupillage applicant decide whether or not to apply to us, we also give priority to those considering making an application to us within the next 12 months (i.e. those in their final year of undergraduate law, those on the GDL or those who are currently on or have completed the BPTC). As such, if you are an undergraduate law student not yet at the end of your penultimate year, we would recommend waiting. We are also unable to offer work experience to those in sixth form or still at school. However, if you are keen to find out more about life at the bar and cannot wait then you may wish to consider attending your local County or Crown Court and sitting in the public gallery. You might also want to come to London to observe proceedings in the High Court, Court of Appeal or Supreme Court. Each of these provides an excellent opportunity to see what life is like as a barrister.